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We make Bars!

Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use bars to inspire the world.

We're a bunch of passionate bar guys, who got fed up while waiting to get a drink at the bar.

So we took it upon us to find out why!

Turns out that it wasn't just the bartender, it was also the bar!! And SpeedX was born!

We at SpeedX design & build bars which serve your drink faster and beer colder

"With SpeedX Bars we aim to bring inspiration & innovation to every mixologist in the world"

If you know how to mix, then all you need is SpeedX Bar.

the team we love

Anirudh Singhal

Chief Troublemaker

Pawan Yadav

Head firefighter


Master of Design

Rohit Sharma

Design rockstar

Vikas Lakheena

Money maestro

Sanjeev Kumar

3-D visual Alladin

Vishal Chauhan

Field maverick


Tool Guru


Vibe manager


Executive sherpa


The Bombay Boy

The X Factor of Speedx

  • Plan your Bar

    Plan your bar for free

  • Cocktail Station

    Cocktail Station

  • Speed Rails

    Speed Rails

  • Drip Tray

    Drip tray & Jigger rails

  • Refrigerators

    Refrigerators & Drawers

  • Rinse

    Rinse & Shine

  • Designs

    Ergonomical Designs

  • Chat Support

    24x7 Support