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About Cocktails on Tap

Imagine a world where every cocktail you served tasted the same no matter which bartender made it and getting a user experience that is unparalleled when it comes to serving yourself a drink. Serving cocktails on tap is becoming a popular trend in many restaurants and bars. Having these drinks ready to serve straight from the tap not only cuts down on drink preparation time, but it also ensures consistency among drinks. These systems are very beneficial in establishments who want to ensure that even during rush hour the cocktails are top notch while giving the option to their patrons to pour themselves a drink and make the experience memorable for themselves

Benefits of a Cocktails on Tap System

  • Makes 3–5 cocktails per minute, compared to the 1 drink per minute average when done by hand
  • Consistent drinks every time, so nobody gets a stronger or weaker beverage than someone else
  • No more waste from over pouring
  • Keeps lines in busy bars moving quickly
  • Less dirty dishes from not using shakers and jiggers
  • Attractive styling of tap head lets you advertise drink specials and drive impulse sales

Setting up a Cocktail Dispensing System

A cocktail dispensing system is very easy to install! Its compact size allows its base to fit underneath your bar, while the tap platform slides onto the bartop. An included hose attaches to the tap and connects to the base, allowing you to dispense product. Our units are also powered by a CO2 tank along with a chilling unit and the cocktails are batched in air tight cornelius kegs. This means you can place your unit almost anywhere. Simply choose a spot where bartenders or patrons of your bar can easily access the tap during happy hour, kickoff, or a special event.

If you're running a crowded sports bar, night club, or casual restaurant, you will benefit from having cocktails on tap. Not only will these systems cut down drink prep time, but they'll also provide consistency among drinks.