Home Bars

Nano Home Bar

The SpeedX Nano Home Bar is our most selling unit, this is specifically designed for those smaller drawing rooms and rooftops and for customers who want to keep this mobile, switching from one room to another on a daily basis. This has everything you need to make a drink at home in a compact system.

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Standard Home Bar

The signature design, our first ever Home Bar is a comprehensive solution to a home bar! A sleek customisable laser cut metal bar which makes this a signature piece at your home. This one is ideal for any dining room, bar, or kitchen area, and is designed so that it is perfect for making cocktails, storing and serving wine beer or other spirits

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Standard Home Bar with Sink

The SpeedX Standard Home Bar was conceptualized to remove the bar cabinet and replace it with something compact yet fully functional. This one comes with an integrated sink so that all the party drinks can be made from one unit so no more running to the kitchen to get that cocktail shaker cleaned. SpeedX Standard Home Bar is our endeavour to shrink everything you find in a Restaurant Bar, an in built chiller, sink with water inlet, an insulated ice chest, dry storage, speed rails and more into one unit on wheels.

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Eco Home Bar

SpeedX Eco Bar was designed for compact homes which need a Home Bar system for storing and displaying their alcohol collection in style. It doubles up as a cocktail station for those evening drinks with a small ice chest and space for your bottles. The SpeedX Eco Bar comes in 2 variants, one with a refrigerator and one without it.

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