Why Speedx ?

Speedx Mixology unit- SMU

These customized units are designed and built to maximize the speed and quality of cocktail output while optimizing the available bar space. We use the principles of ergonomics and unique methods to design them. With everything a bartender needs at an arm's distance, these jockeys are your best mates!

Speedx Beverage chiller

Speedx has raised the bar of designing and building best quality referigeration products in the bar space. The range includes independent beverage chillers to the remote bar back refrigerators, simple bottle coolers, mug chillers and even drawer refrigerators. We offer referigeration in various sizes and forms to suit a concept and the space available.

Drip Trays

A good quality Drip tray is absolutely necessary for a commercial bar which is serious about serving its customers well and generating a healthy return on its investment. It also enables the bartender to keep the work tops clean and assist in creating great visuals whilst the drink is being made. We at Speedx are equipped to style the drip tray as per the bar's needs.

Jigger rails

Pour a spirit right out in the open. Its not a secret that is being poured, plus its really not difficult to pour into a jigger accurately, without spilling. Just incase you do, we have it covered with our jigger rails. A must have in your bar. You could even rest your shaker tins on them.

Happy Tools

We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us!
The least we can do is give them their space. At Speedx we make bars where you can hang your tools at designated slots, so your workplace remains clean, organized and you have a bunch of happy tools!

Garnish Centers

Also known as condiment holders, they are a key ingredient in efficiently setting up your mixology unit and an organized work flow. We offer different styles and sizes with a built in ice compartment right under, which aids in keeping your garnishes cool. They can even be angled for better view of the contents.

Dipper wells

These wells are all you need to keep your tools clean and sanitized at all times. And they are also an environment friendly initiative as you end up saving water by not turning on the tap all the time.

Sink trays

Don't clog those drains. Get a Speedx bar and have sinks fitted with a removable perforated tray, which prevents the fruit debris from passing into drains and blocking the pipes.

Bar under lights

Life is all about seating and lighting!
Whilst you pay attention to the lighting detail of the venue, please spare a moment for the bartender, as a LED strip running under the counter will permit him to see; even when its dim and dark in the bar.